Meet The Dance Team


Founder, Dance Director

Baigali is a member of the Urad tribe from Inner Mongolia. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts from Minzu University (China College of Dance), a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography and Dance Directing from Mongolian University of Art and Culture, and a second Master's Degree in Dance Education from New York University.

”I developed a passion for dance at a very young age. Since then I have pursued this passion throughout my education and career. As a member of the Urad Mongolian tribe, with a population of only 42,000 worldwide, I feel the call to promote my heritage. Dance is my way of preserving ethnic culture and connecting with my Urad community. I have learned hundreds of dances from different Asian minority cultures and I have traveled from the Eastern to the Western world. In addition, I have performed and choreographed many dances and dance dramas. My experiences have given me a rich background which enables me to successfully teach professional and amateur dancers.

I want to reach more people and share the joy of dancing as widely as I can. My dream is to train and lead my dancers to the stage and showcase beautiful dances from underrepresented cultures. I love to connect people from different cultures and strengthen our diverse communities.“

Hanmei Chen


陈韩梅, 生于天津, 长于西安。建筑学学士, 计算机科学硕士, 前电子取证专家, 现全职主妇。舞蹈曾是儿时遥不可及的梦想, 直到年近半百才了悟梦想从来不曾远去, 一直深藏于心中。感恩和白嘎丽老师的邂逅, 向我展现了一个用身体讲故事的全新舞蹈世界。我期待着梦想进一步展开, 和爱跳舞的朋友们一起, 用舞蹈来唤起和交流每个人心中的感激, 赞赏, 惊奇, 爱和陪伴。

Hanmei Chen was born in Tianjin and grew up in Xi'an. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Design and a Master's Degree in Computer Science. Hanmei used to be an electronic forensics specialist and is currently a full-time mom. For Hanmei, dancing was once an unattainable childhood dream. It was not until Hanmei was well into her 40's that she started realizing her dream. She was very grateful when she met Ms. Baigali. Hanmei learned from Baigali how the dance world tells stories using music and the body. Now Hanmei is looking forward to the further unfolding of her childhood dancing dream. She wants to use dance to evoke and convey gratitude, appreciation, wonder, love, and friendship into everyone's heart.

Hong Zhao

赵红, 毕业于中科院物理化学硕士。就业于新药开发领域。作为独立咨询师着重帮助客户新药开发与生产, FDA新药临床试验申请(CMC)等业务。喜欢舞蹈与音乐。十几年前偶然的机会接触到中国舞, 开始只是为了锻炼身体, 但舞蹈老师让我体会到中国舞的魅力, 由兴趣逐渐变成热爱, 成为我生活的一部分。期待在以后的日子里, 跟白老师探索更多民族舞蹈的美和内在真挚情感。

Hong Zhao received a Master's Degree in chemistry from the Institute of Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is an independent consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on helping customers with new drug development and production as well as FDA clinical trial applications (CMC). Hong loves dance and music. About ten years ago she discovered Chinese dance and began training for exercise purposes. However, through training, her dance teacher helped her understand the wonders of Chinese dance. Gradually dance became her passion and a major part of her life. With Ms. Baigali, Hong looks forward to further exploring the beauty and feelings of Chinese ethnic dance.

Linlin Yang

杨琳琳, 出生于武汉, 成长于武汉和上海。会计学硕士, 注册会计师。从小热爱舞蹈, 听到喜爱的音乐就有起舞的冲动; 但直到在美国成了两个孩子的妈妈才有机会系统的学习舞蹈。喜爱中国民族民间舞和古典舞身韵。我相信舞蹈是跨域种族, 年龄和身体局限的。让我们跟着白老师尽情的去享受舞蹈的美和愉悦!

Linlin spent the early years of her life in Wuhan and Shanghai. She has a Master of Accounting degree and is a CPA. Linlin has loved dancing since she was a little girl. She would dance to the beat whenever she heard music she liked. Even with her love of dance, Linlin did not take any formal training until she came to the United States and became the mom of two young children. Linlin's favorite dances are Chinese ethnic dance and Chinese classical dance. Linlin believes dancing connects people from different ethnicities, backgrounds and abilities. Together with Ms. Baigali, she wants to share and enjoy the beauty and joy that dance brings us!

Qiong Liu

刘琼, 电子工程硕士, 芯片设计工程师。小时候最喜欢朝鲜族妈妈和外婆的桔梗谣, 自己当了妈妈后才有机会接触舞蹈 舞龄短短 挚爱经年 感恩结识受教白老师和一群热爱舞蹈的朋友 以梦为马 不负韶华

Qiong has a master's degree in electrical engineering and currently works as a circuit design engineer.The happiest moments of her childhood were family gatherings that included singing and dancing. Her mom's Korean dance is among her most cherished memories. Qiong's dance dream has been alive for many years but she only recently started to formally learn dancing. She feels very grateful and lucky to have great teachers and friends who love dancing. It's an honor to learn and enjoy the amazing world of dance with Ms Baigali!