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We want to bring dance closer to people's lives and ignite the hidden enthusiasm for dance in everyone. To us, dance is not only an innate universal language that connects each and every human being, it is also a means to bring healing to the body and soul. Dance Director Baigali, a graduate of New York University's Steinhardt school, and award winning dancer and choreographer, looks forward to share her passion of dance with you. Join us today and let's take this journey together!


Mongolian Dance

The nomadic Mongolian people are renowned for their exceptional prowess in singing and dancing. Their traditional dances gracefully depict the vast grasslands, majestic horses, and the delight of fine wine, incorporating captivating props like wine cups and top bowls. Mongolian dance displays an exquisite and diverse vocabulary, with an extensive repertoire of movements that intricately engage the shoulders, arms, and wrists.

Chinese Classical Dance

With roots tracing back to ancient China, this art form seamlessly blends the dynamic movements and forms of Chinese martial arts, acrobatics, and operas. Notably, it emphasizes the significance of eye expressions in performances, exuding a distinct Eastern aesthetic that harmoniously combines strength and gracefulness.

Adult Ballet

This ballet class focuses on enhancing the strength, range, flexibility, and stability of the legs, knees, and feet. By engaging and exercising the muscles, joints, and ligaments in these areas, our training regimen will improve your physical condition and overall fitness level.

Dance Team Rehearsal

The studio's advanced dance group engages in bi-weekly practices, meticulously refining their skills in crafting original pieces, all in anticipation of their upcoming performances.

Tibetan Dance

Tibetan dances draw inspiration from the vibrant lives of the people dwelling amidst the snowy mountains and vast plateaus. These captivating dances are typified by the graceful forward bends of the upper body, rhythmic knee movements, and the mesmerizing flutter of the long sleeves adorning traditional Tibetan costumes.

Stretch and Strength

This class aims to strengthen your whole body while enhancing overall balance. It addresses fundamental elements of flexibility, including horizontal and vertical splits, as well as shoulder opening exercises. Additionally, our training regimen targets the abdominal and back muscles and leg endurance.

Kids Ballet

Designed for children aged seven and above, this program emphasizes the development of flexibility and foundational skills. We believe it is essential to foster children's passion for dance while also instilling positive habits for self-body development.

Uyghur Dance

Residing on the plateau in northwestern China, the Uyghurs exhibit a distinctive dance style. Neck articulations, rhythmic knee shakes, and dynamic high-speed rotations form the quintessential vocabulary of Uyghur dance expressions.

Wa Dance

Rooted in everyday life and inspired by the natural elements, the traditional dances of the Wa people of southern China feature complex and skillful lower body movements. The archetypal, captivating example is the hair-tossing dance performed by Wa ladies.

Modern Dance

Diverging from the precise movements of ballet, modern dance embraces a more exploratory approach, urging dancers to deeply connect with their bodies, thereby developing their own unique dance vocabulary. You will learn to channel emotions through dance and seek a deeper layer of existence in the process.

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